The Farm Life - Watkins Poultry

Watkins Poultry Merchants of New York is a supplier of live poultry. It is our job to make sure the poultry we provide is of the highest quality.  Our poultry lines are unique because they are raised to be visually appealing while still supplying a superior finished product. The farming methods and protocols used are crucial to producing a fine quality bird. Watkins Poultry Merchants is proud of the high standards our farmers reach every day. We believe in a type of farming that is straight forward and practical—farming that focuses on the health and welfare of the poultry and the consumer.

Animal welfare and food safety are at the forefront of our farming practices. It is only under the best living conditions that poultry thrive. By adhering to a strict code of animal welfare and an extensive Best Management Practices program, our farms raise each flock to their fullest potential.

Our poultry welfare program  protects the poultry in our care.  It ensures every bird has access to fresh water, a well-balanced and nutritious all vegetable diet, fresh air, optimum temperatures and ideal humidity.  It dictates that the birds be raised with the freedom to roam the growing area and exhibit natural behavior.  It safeguards from the stresses of environmental elements, disease and predation. It provides all flocks’ access to professional veterinary and nutritional support.

The farms also follow  a sound Best Management Practice program to enhance food safety.  These practices help our farmers prevent disease and provide controls in areas critical to bird health and food safety.

Using small family owned farms allows these standards to be enacted.  The smaller farm size provides our farm families with a very manageable amount of poultry to care for.  A team of educated and experienced poultry professionals work with the farmers providing training and close supervision to ensure proper execution of the management programs. Encouraging these high standards in farming is critical in order to provide high quality, healthy poultry to our customers.