The Live Experience - Watkins Poultry

Watkins Poultry Merchants of New York is responsible for safely and humanely raising a variety of poultry with health and welfare at the forefront of our standards. A superior bird requires excellent management at all stages of production, which is why our poultry is offered exclusively at Live Markets in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

Live Markets have been providing fresh poultry in the city for over one hundred years, but many people haven’t yet visited or even heard of them. A Live Market is the place to go for farm fresh chicken, turkey, or duck without sacrificing the convenience or affordability of a grocery store.

The combination of naturally raised poultry with custom ordered processing offers a delicious, juicy finished bird that cooks and tastes unlike anything that can be found in stores. Bringing the farm to the city means that Watkins Poultry Merchants of New York proudly delivers this experience every day.

Live Markets are as diverse as the families and chefs that go to them for fresh poultry. To discover the difference a truly fresh bird makes, send your zip code to and we will recommend a live market in your area that carries the Watkins Poultry Merchants variety.