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Watkins Poultry Merchants of New York is a leading supplier of live poultry to New York City and the surrounding metropolitan areas. Our operations are focused on public health and poultry welfare, and we remain at the forefront in technological innovations for sanitation and transport. Currently, Watkins Poultry Merchants is the exclusive provider of the French SASSO chicken breed on the East Coast. the poultry variety

Watkins Poultry Merchants recognizes the needs of diverse culinary traditions that make our neighborhoods unique. The key to meeting those needs is our unique poultry variety. Our poultry is raised on a natural diet and is extensively tested for health issues, preventing the spread of illnesses before a single bird leaves the farm. That’s why Bringing the Farm to the City is our mission every day, to ensure only the best poultry arrive in New York. the company history

Watkins Poultry Merchants is committed to providing the highest quality poultry in the New York area. That is why we safely bring our poultry to the city’s live poultry markets. Live poultry markets are a government-regulated and inspected alternative to factory processed chicken. All work is done carefully by hand to the customer’s order.  the live experience

What makes Watkins Poultry Merchants different from other companies is our high standards in animal health and welfare. We monitor and maintain contact with every crew at every stage of poultry production. Our fleet and equipment are designed for quick, easy movement and thorough sterilization. A healthy dinner starts at the farm.  the farm life