The Sasso Chicken - Watkins Poultry

In 2008 Watkins Poultry Merchants of New York teamed up with the France-based SASSO poultry breeding company to bring a  new type of chicken to the United States. Our goal was to find a hardy chicken that would appeal to many people because of its distinct coloring and wide-range of culinary use. Now, Watkins Poultry Merchants is the only provider of the SASSO Red Chicken on the East Coast.

SASSO has been committed to maintaining traditional practices in poultry production which keep the quality of meat high, whereas other companies have sacrificed these traditions. SASSO breeds slow-growing chickens that are meant to be raised with fresh air, plenty of space to run around, and an all-vegetarian diet- the exact life provided to all Watkins Poultry Merchants’ birds. From June to November, we specially raise a small flock of the SASSO Red Chicken free range on the Helfrich-Gross family farm.

The SASSO Red Chicken is unlike any chicken stores or restaurants because it is naturally delicious and juicy. The taste is rich and succulent, from the wings and thighs to the breast meat, and will stay juicy long after cooking. The SASSO requires minimal preparation for a meal that won’t soon be forgotten.

Watkins Poultry Merchants of New York is the sole provider  of the SASSO Red Chicken to live poultry markets in New York City and nearby areas. Send your zip code to and we will recommend a vendor in your area.