The Poultry Variety - Watkins Poultry

Watkins Poultry Merchants of New York is proud to raise and supply a large variety of birds to local live markets. Our unique poultry variety helps meet the diverse culinary needs of New York City and its neighbors. Watkins Poultry birds are NEVER given any growth stimulant or hormone- they are all-natural!

Our poultry variety meets the needs of diverse culinary traditions. Send your zip code to and we will recommend a live poultry market in your area that carries our variety.

Sasso Red Chicken

Our exclusive breed of red chicken is savory and juicy, with good portions of flavorful meat from the breast, wings, and thighs. The Sasso Red Chicken is raised slowly to 3lbs, 5lbs and 8lbs, so perfectly-sized chickens are always available. Discover the difference on The Sasso Red Chicken page.

Little Pilgrim Turkey

The Little Pilgrim Turkey is an American heritage breed. What makes them unique is that they grow slowly to 12lbs, providing delicious and healthy lean turkey meat all year.

Cornish Chicken

The Classic White Chicken is a popular favorite because of its hefty portions of white breast-meat. These chickens are grown naturally to 3lbs, 5lbs and 8lbs, so perfectly-sized chickens are always available.

Standard Turkey

Nothing brings people together like turkey dinner. We grow our turkeys from 10lbs to 25lbs all year long, so a perfectly delicious turkey is always available. View the Standard Turkey gallery.


They may look exotic, but Silkies are a commonly cooked chicken. Underneath the Silkie’s distinct fluffy white feathers are skin, meat and bones that have a unique bluish-black hue. Silkies have long been believed in Chinese medicine to have healing properties, but their intense chicken flavor is reason enough to make a delicious soup or dish any time! View the Silkie gallery.

Guinea Hen

Gourmet is easy when this 2lb chicken is brought home fresh from the market. With a taste that is somewhere between chicken and turkey, Guinea Hens enhance the best braises and sauces for a meal that will impress the best of cooks. View the Guinea Hen gallery.

Coturnix Quail

Coturnix Quail have tender, flavorful meat and also produce many eggs that are used for a variety of gourmet dishes. Watkins Poultry Merchants supplies both the bird and its eggs. View the Coturnix Quail gallery.

Muscovy Duck

Because of their lean dark meat, the Muscovy duck is sometimes considered an excellent alternative to veal. With sizes ranging from 5lbs for hens and 10lbs for drakes, the perfect Muscovy duck is always available. View the Muscovy Duck gallery.

Khaki Campbell “Water” Ducks

This duck is excellent for two reasons. Its small 4lb size makes it a convenient easy-to-cook bird, and the hens naturally lay many eggs that are twice the size of chicken eggs. Watkins Poultry Merchants supplies both the Khaki Campbell Duck and its eggs. View the Khaki Campbell “Water” Duck gallery.

Red Fowl

Red fowl is a common name for egg-laying hens. Their extra-firm meat is perfect for soup-making and slow-cooking because it never loses its taste or texture. View the Red Fowl gallery.